Entrevista con Alejandra Zepeda

1. Why did you decide to cross the border?
My mom wanted to bring me here

2. Who did you come with?
I came with my mom and my brother

3. Who inspired you to come?
my mom and my dad

4. What type of transportation did you use to cross?
We came by bus, on foot, and in a car.

5. Did anyone help you?
Her mom and her dad.

6. Can you tell us about any experience that you have had with coyotes?
they helped us pass the border

6. Was it easy to find work/go to school in the US?
no because I didn't know how to talk english

7. Where is your family now? Are the with you? If not, do you miss them?
Some of my family is here and some is in Mexico.

8. How did you feel if you had to be separated from your family?
I would feel terrible

9. If you crossed the desert, what was it like?
I felt nervous ahhhh
it was hot and boring

10. How well did you speak English when you got to the US?

11. Was it easy to learn English?
yes it as because they taught me english in kindergarten

12. Did they force you to come or did you want to come?
I wanted to come because I wanted to get along with my dad

13. How old were you when you came?
I was 6 years old when I crossed.

14. What is it like living in the US?
i feel happy because its cool and I have new friends.