We are a group of students from Estrellita Elementary school and we are in fourth grade. We are making this website about oral histories so that you can know people's experiences crossing the US/Mexico border as immigrants. We did interviews of our family members and friends and put the answers on our page. We made them a page with their names--but we changed the names to protect people's privacy. If you want to see their answers, just click in interviews. Please be respectful of their answers. If there is someone in your family who has crossed the border and people make fun of your family members I'm sure it would make you feel mad or sad, so please don't laugh at it.


We also have other pages, like definitions of words that you might not know that relate to the border and to immigration. Additionally, we have autobiography pages about what we have experienced making our wiki and the reasons that we chose to do this project. Finally, we have a next steps page that will show you some resources that you can use if you want to learn more about the US Mexico border and immigration or if you want to try to do something to make changes in the immigration laws of the United States.




Next Steps